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Oct 31, 2020

If one movie is forever it's...BATMAN FOREVER!

Welcome to your Halloween 2020 episode, specifically, Episode 13, of Psychosocial Cinema!

In today's episode I am joined by my good pal Steven Biscotti as we discuss one of our all-time favorite films, Batman Forever. For some people who read this I wouldn't fault you in the slightest for questioning my taste in movies, however, Batman Forever holds a special place in our hearts. As kids who grew up in the 90s it was a major event, and a treat, to be gifted new Batman films in the cinema. Fast forward to 2020, and not only has the landscape of cinema changed due to the pandemic, but DC is no longer the go to comic brand, if you will, when it comes to major superhero experiences at the theater.

I invite you to sit back and to grab some socially distanced candy while enjoying episode twelve; it's better than drive though or caffeine! You know, because caffeine, it'll "kill ya"!


Here are links to Steven's various works at these locations; go support this fellow, he's a gem and his energy for various fandoms is contagious:

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The Saturday Morning Superman Show:


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